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        Introduction to Tuanjie Village Central Railway Container Terminal

        Located in Tuzhu Town, Shapingba District, Chongqing Central Railway Container Terminal is one of 18 large-scale container terminals set out in the Eleventh Five-Year Plan on railway construction. The Terminal lies to the east of Tuanjie Railway Station on the Xiangyang–Chongqing Line and is adjacent to Xiyong Micro-electronics Industrial Park, Chongqing Western Logistic Park and Chongqing College Town. It also provides easy connectivity with several highways, such as Chongqing–Suining Highway, Chengdu–Chongqing Highway, and Chongqing–Guiyang Highway. The construction of the central terminal commenced in October 2007. It passed the preliminary inspection in October 2009 and was put into operation on December 10, 2009. It covers an area of 2,154 mu (1.436 million square meters), stretching 900 meters from the north to the south and 1,600 meters from the east to the west, including a container yard of 900.6 mu (600,400 square meters). The investment totaled RMB 440 million Yuan. The central terminal, with a horizontal all-through layout, is capable of handling 1,500,000 TEU per year in the long term.

        Chongqing Railway Container Central Terminal is one of the most advanced railway container terminals in China in terms of railway freight equipment, facilities and information equipment. Its cargo handling capacity is expected to increase by over 10% each year. By 2010, Chongqing Railway Container Central Terminal had completed loading/unloading volume of 198,000 TEU; and the cargo transferred reached 249,000 TEU in 2011; the cargo handling capacity aimed to reach 265,000 TEU in 2012, 335,000 TEU in 2013 and 384,000 TEU in 2014, and it is expected to reach 400,000 TEU in 2015. So far, the railway lines to Jiangcun, Putian and Pinghunan, as well as the Chongqing–Xinjiang–Europe and Chongqing–Shanghai railway lines have been open for operation, and the various services also have been offered, such as cargo storage supervised by the Customs, shipper own container storage, container stuffing & unstuffing in the terminal, loading and securing of container goods etc.

        As the highlight and showpiece of Chongqing for the opening-up and promoting foreign trade, Chongqing Central Railway Container Terminal functions as a logistics transshipment center for container freight of inland China, and even of Europe and Asia. It paves the way for Chongqing to embrace the world and for the world to embrace Chongqing.