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        Settled Enterprises

        Yuan Cheng Logistics Center

        Chongqing Logistics Co., Ltd. of Yuan Cheng Group signed the agreement to locate its Yuan Cheng Logistics Center in Chongqing Western Logistics Park in February 2010.

        With a total land area of 12,267 square meters, this project has a planned investment of CNY 50 million. The designed floor area is 21,000 square meters mainly for warehouses, packaging & sorting rooms and office buildings.

        After completion of the project, it can provide customers with logistics-related transportation, storage and agency services. It is estimated that the annual output value will reach 100 million and annual tax payment will reach CNY 2 million, with 30 job vacancies.

        The construction of the project started in October 2014. By November 2015, the project had been basically completed, and investment in fixed assets totaled CNY 18 million.