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        Settled Enterprises

        Minsheng Modern Comprehensive Logistics Center

        In March 2012, Minsheng International Container Lines Co., Ltd. signed the agreement to locate its Minsheng Modern Comprehensive Logistics Center in Chongqing Western Logistics Park.

        With a total land area of 50,936 square meters, the project has a planned investment of CNY 140 million. The designed floor area of this project is 21,000 square meters mainly for logistics warehouses, office buildings, container yard, multimodal transport drop/pull station, vehicle and container maintenance stations and other subsidiary buildings.

        After completion of the project, it will be able to provide diversified logistics services including multimodal transport drop/pull transfer, vehicle parking and drop/pull, pile-up of containers, pooling, warehousing and distribution of goods, cargo handling and various value-added services. In addition, it is also engaged in providing comprehensive and ecofriendly solutions of domestic/international multimodal transport via roads, water and railways. It is estimated that the annual output value will reach CNY 150 million and annual tax payment will reach CNY 7.4 million, with 120 job vacancies.

        Flat-field Construction started in October 2014. By November 2015, construction had been basically completed (Now it is handling the procedures of construction bidding, and CNY 48 million had been invested in fixed assets.