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        Settled Enterprises

        Chongqing Warehousing Center of CNPC Southwest Chemical Sales Branch

        In June 2012, CNPC Southwest Chemical Sales Branch signed the agreement to locate its Warehousing Center in Chongqing Western Logistics Park.

        With a total land area of 109.4 mu (72,937 square meters), the project has a planned investment of CNY 190 million. After completion of the project, an integrated logistics center will be established, combining warehousing, distribution, stores, retails, information, logistics, transit shipment, transportation and sales of solid petrochemical products (excluding hazardous chemicals). In addition, it functions as a place of futures delivery. It is estimated that the annual output will reach CNY 10 billion and annual tax payment will reach CNY 10 million, with 150 job vacancies offered.

        The construction of the project commenced in June 2013 and was completed and put into trial operation at the end of December 2014. With a total investment of CNY 170 million in fixed assets, the Center will create an output value of CNY 2 billion and tax payment of CNY 5 million in 2015.